Discard Damage
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Discard Damage

Your Opponents discard cards, you will win the game. This deck contains very useful combos. With \"Puppeterr+Royal Assasin\" combo you will destroy creautures. Megrim is the key card for this deck. And your Specters too. With Hermetic Study, Specters deal combat damage with no effort. If Megrim is in play, Specters (enchanted with hermetic study) will deal 1 dmg and then target opponent discard a card and megrim deal 2 dmg. With puppeteer you can use the same combo two times in same turn, 6dmg and 2 discard with no effort... Dimir Infiltrator is an unblockable creature. If he comes you should play Larceny (if you able). Ostracize, Duress and Dimir Infiltrator are opening cards. Sorry for the very bad english...

Submitted By Jesper

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Dimir Infiltrator (Ravnica)$0.2212
Doomsday Specter (Planeshift)$0.895
Duress (Magic 2010)$0.2216
Duress (Magic 2010) - Foil$1.251
Hermetic Study (Urza's Saga)$0.1616
Hypnotic Specter (Fourth Edition)$1.184
Island (Theros)$0.144
Larceny (Mercadian Masques)$0.1810
Larceny (Mercadian Masques) - Foil$0.922
Megrim (Eighth Edition)$0.604
Megrim (Eighth Edition) - Foil$3.401
Ostracize (Seventh Edition)$0.1715
Puppeteer (Eighth Edition)$0.216
Recoil (Invasion)$0.2916
Rootwater Thief (Nemesis)$1.535
Royal Assassin (Tenth Edition)$0.912
Royal Assassin (Tenth Edition) - Foil$3.692
Swamp (Magic 2011)$0.1117
Swamp (Magic 2011) - Foil$0.913


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