Unhinged Deck
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Unhinged Deck

Fun deck to use! It's pretty good... kind of... but it's still funny! That's what counts right? Well...

Submitted By X-Hacker

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
AWOL (Unhinged)$0.7116
AWOL (Unhinged) - Foil$3.191
Bosom Buddy (Unhinged)$0.2410
Cheap Ass (Unhinged)$0.2416
Circle of Protection: Art (Unhinged)$0.1616
Circle of Protection: Art (Unhinged) - Foil$1.391
City of Ass (Unhinged)$8.394
Collector Protector (Unhinged)$0.895
Elvish House Party (Unhinged)$0.4210
Elvish House Party (Unhinged) - Foil$1.611
Emcee (Unhinged)$0.3710
Emcee (Unhinged) - Foil$1.352
Erase (Magic 2013)$0.154
Erase (Magic 2013) - Foil$0.442
First Come, First Served (Unhinged)$0.2310
First Come, First Served (Unhinged) - Foil$1.321
Forest (Planechase)$0.111
Keeper of the Sacred Word (Unhinged)$0.1716
Land Aid '04 (Unhinged)$0.2116
Land Aid '04 (Unhinged) - Foil$1.241
Laughing Hyena (Unhinged)$0.1716
Laughing Hyena (Unhinged) - Foil$0.851
Little Girl (Unhinged)$0.4416
Little Girl (Unhinged) - Foil$36.012
Man of Measure (Unhinged)$0.2016
Man of Measure (Unhinged) - Foil$1.332
Monkey Monkey Monkey (Unhinged)$0.1516
Monkey Monkey Monkey (Unhinged) - Foil$1.391
My First Tome (Unhinged)$0.2410
My First Tome (Unhinged) - Foil$1.301
Plains (Planechase)$0.112
Remodel (Unhinged)$0.1716
Rod of Spanking (Unhinged)$1.578
Rod of Spanking (Unhinged) - Foil$2.512
S.N.O.T. (Unhinged)$0.6916
Shoe Tree (Unhinged)$0.1716
Shoe Tree (Unhinged) - Foil$1.333
Standing Army (Unhinged)$0.1616
Standing Army (Unhinged) - Foil$0.751
Supersize (Unhinged)$0.1616
Time Machine (Unhinged)$0.895
Togglodyte (Unhinged)$0.2210
Toy Boat (Unhinged)$0.2610
Urza's Hot Tub (Unhinged)$0.2710
Urza's Hot Tub (Unhinged) - Foil$1.281
Wordmail (Unhinged)$0.2316
Wordmail (Unhinged) - Foil$1.571


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