Huge gain Life cleric Deck type 2.0
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Huge gain Life cleric Deck type 2.0

This Deck Allows you to gain as much life as you want. for the combo you need Daru Spirtualist and another creature, lightning greaves and Starlit Sanctum you swap lightning greaves among the two creatures daru Spirtualist toughness gets as big as you want then sacrifice it to Starlit Sanctum you gain as much life as you want. To get the combo you use Swordsmith or Steelshaper Apprentice to get lightning Greaves, and you can get the rest of the combo with Darksteel Pendent or Slate of Ancestry. It also has Platinum Angel so you won't lose the game from running out of cards this is an incredible deck and wins or ties alot in sideboard there are 3 millstones so you can run them out of cards!!!!!

Submitted By Robert Bogert

The Deck

The Sideboard

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Altar's Light (Mirrodin)$0.2010
Altar's Light (Mirrodin) - Foil$0.542
Beacon of Destiny (Legions)$0.895
Celestial Gatekeeper (Legions)$0.895
Darksteel Pendant (Darksteel)$0.165
Daru Spiritualist (Scourge)$0.1411
Doubtless One (Onslaught)$0.4810
Lightning Greaves (Mirrodin)$6.082
Plains (Venser vs. Koth)$0.142
Platinum Angel (Magic 2010)$3.932
Slate of Ancestry (Onslaught)$1.325
Starlight Invoker (Legions)$0.1516
Starlit Sanctum (Onslaught)$0.4010
Steelshaper Apprentice (Darksteel)$0.895
Taj-Nar Swordsmith (Mirrodin)$0.2410
Weathered Wayfarer (Onslaught)$5.965
Wing Shards (Scourge)$0.3410


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