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black and blue

64 cards. a couple of combos dranlu's with draco & morality shift with mortal combat

Submitted By dreamsbattle

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Avatar of Will (Prophecy)$0.895
Avatar of Woe (Graveborn)$3.622
Barren Moor (Commander 2013)$0.364
Counterspell (Revised)$1.145
Draco (Planeshift)$3.684
Dralnu's Pet (Planeshift)$0.895
Dralnu's Pet (Planeshift) - Foil$2.241
Island (Theros)$0.134
Lonely Sandbar (Onslaught)$0.147
Lonely Sandbar (Onslaught) - Foil$4.323
Morality Shift (Judgment)$0.895
Mortal Combat (Tenth Edition) - Foil$2.631
Rhystic Tutor (Prophecy)$0.895
Swamp (Magic 2011)$0.1117
Swamp (Magic 2011) - Foil$0.923


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