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instant win deck

discard your hand with psycatog. you gain that much life with confessor and instead draw that many cards with nefarious lich. once ur librbary runs out from discarding, play morality shift, and you gain life equal to ur deck times 2. you may also donated nefarious lich and demisify it. u can discard roar of the wurm wit psycatog and play it for 4 mana. confessor, morality shift, psycatog, and nefarious lich, and ur psyc

The Deck

The Sideboard

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Brawn (Judgment)$0.756
Brawn (Judgment) - Foil$8.944
Confessor (Odyssey)$0.1516
Confessor (Odyssey) - Foil$0.722
Demystify (Magic 2012)$0.1516
Demystify (Magic 2012) - Foil$0.442
Donate (Urza's Destiny)$2.245
Morality Shift (Judgment)$0.895
Nefarious Lich (Odyssey)$0.895
Nefarious Lich (Odyssey) - Foil$3.402
Psychatog (Odyssey)$0.415
Psychatog (Odyssey) - Foil$3.861
Roar of the Wurm (Odyssey)$0.3810
Roar of the Wurm (Odyssey) - Foil$1.533
Swamp (Khans of Tarkir)$0.134
Swamp (Khans of Tarkir) - Foil$0.704
Tainted Field (Sorin vs. Tibalt)$1.283
Tainted Isle (Torment)$1.3810
Tainted Isle (Torment) - Foil$7.102
Tainted Peak (Torment)$0.9210
Tainted Peak (Torment) - Foil$6.832
Tainted Wood (Jace vs. Vraska)$0.374
Traumatize (Magic 2010)$1.792
Traumatize (Magic 2010) - Foil$6.052
Twilight's Call (Izzet vs. Golgari)$0.894
Wonder (Commander 2013)$0.346


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