how to blow your opponent apart. for dummies
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how to blow your opponent apart. for dummies

play the asylum them blow your opponents forse apart. use spellbane centaur to make sure your asylum dose not get returned.

Submitted By pyroclasm

The Deck

Submitted By: ddradmin
* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Argothian Enchantress (Urza's Saga)$19.106
Armageddon (Fifth Edition)$4.445
Birds of Paradise (Magic 2011)$5.285
False Prophet (Commander)$0.894
Forest (Theros)$0.144
Forest (Theros) - Foil$0.701
Island (Theros)$0.144
Kirtar's Wrath (Commander 2013)$0.895
Nimble Mongoose (Odyssey)$1.7710
Phantom Nishoba (Judgment)$2.274
Plains (Mirrodin Besieged)$0.148
Spellbane Centaur (Odyssey)$0.895
Spellbane Centaur (Odyssey) - Foil$2.541
Spiritual Asylum (Nemesis)$0.895
Spiritual Asylum (Nemesis) - Foil$3.813
Upheaval (Odyssey)$2.716
Wrath of God (Revised)$8.451


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