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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
AEther Spellbomb$0.148
Ana Battlemage$0.2010
Ancient Grudge$0.2210
Aphotic Wisps$0.2116
Augury Owl$0.162
Balduvian Barbarians$0.1516
Bellowing Fiend$0.895
Belltower Sphinx$0.195
Benthic Behemoth$0.895
Bloodbond March$0.892
Brain Pry$0.188
Brain Pry - Foil$0.471
Break Asunder$0.1416
Carry Away$0.2010
Carry Away - Foil$0.602
Carven Caryatid$0.337
Caves of Koilos$3.015
Caves of Koilos - Foil$19.981
Cerulean Wisps$0.1916
Chatter of the Squirrel$0.3416
Cinder Crawler$0.1516
Clash of Realities$0.895
Crimson Wisps$0.3015
Crimson Wisps - Foil$1.701
Cunning Wish  
Demonic Collusion$0.893
Dimir Infiltrator  
Dream's Grip$0.1516
Dream's Grip - Foil$0.441
Dross Scorpion$0.1416
Dross Scorpion - Foil$0.511
Drudge Skeletons$0.1515
Elephant Guide  
Essence Drain$0.144
Flowstone Shambler$0.1516
Flowstone Shambler - Foil$0.441
Footbottom Feast$0.232
Foul Imp$0.1516
Fugitive Wizard$0.1516
Fungal Shambler$0.895
Ghitu Firebreathing$0.1416
Glintwing Invoker$0.1516
Goblin Archaeologist$0.2210
Goblin Lookout$0.1616
Goblin Turncoat$0.1516
Goblin Turncoat - Foil$0.441
Griffin Guide$0.233
Griffin Guide - Foil$0.621
Grim Lavamancer$6.175
Gustcloak Savior$0.895
Harrier Griffin$0.1810
Hero's Demise$0.894
Hero's Demise - Foil$4.491
Honden of Night's Reach$0.286
Hunting Pack$0.1810
Hunting Pack - Foil$0.803
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