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Magic The Gathering Cards Drawn By Jaime Jones

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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Abbey Griffin$0.174
Abbey Griffin - Foil$0.461
Arbor Colossus$0.896
Arbor Colossus - Foil$3.753
Arcane Melee$0.893
Arcane Melee - Foil$1.423
Awaken the Ancient  
Balustrade Spy$0.297
Benthic Giant$0.174
Benthic Giant - Foil$0.532
Bloodhall Ooze$1.135
Bloodhall Ooze - Foil$5.202
Boneyard Wurm$0.234
Boneyard Wurm - Foil$0.933
Call to Serve$0.184
Carrion Thrash$0.1810
Carrion Thrash - Foil$0.472
Circle of Flame$0.2010
Clout of the Dominus$0.3116
Cold-Eyed Selkie$2.682
Cold-Eyed Selkie - Foil$15.932
Coralhelm Commander  
Curse of the Bloody Tome$0.194
Curse of the Bloody Tome - Foil$0.491
Dark Temper$0.1811
Dictate of the Twin Gods$0.891
Dragon Broodmother$11.261
Dragon Broodmother - Foil$22.494
Dragon Fodder  
Eldrazi Conscription$9.752
Emeria, the Sky Ruin$4.445
Emrakul's Hatcher$0.226
Emrakul's Hatcher - Foil$1.322
Engulfing Slagwurm$0.895
Flameblast Dragon  
Fog - Foil$1.324
Glaze Fiend$0.2010
Glaze Fiend - Foil$0.592
Hedron Matrix$0.895
Hedron Matrix - Foil$1.901
Heliod, God of the Sun$3.114
Heliod, God of the Sun - Foil$12.102
Hellkite Charger$1.264
Hellkite Charger - Foil$2.224
Helvault - Foil$4.781
Jace, Architect of Thought$4.176
Jace, Architect of Thought - Foil$16.394
Jar of Eyeballs$0.894
Jar of Eyeballs - Foil$1.422
Jund Battlemage$0.1810
Jund Battlemage - Foil$0.721
Jund Panorama$0.295
Legion's Initiative$2.994
Legion's Initiative - Foil$12.083
Lone Revenant$0.894
Lone Revenant - Foil$1.624
Lullmage Mentor$0.894
Misthollow Griffin$2.994
Misthollow Griffin - Foil$12.102
Molten Birth$0.214
Myr Sire$0.185
Myr Sire - Foil$0.503
Necrotic Plague$0.895
Necrotic Plague - Foil$1.432
Nissa Revane  
Nissa Revane - Foil$34.973
Nissa's Chosen$0.2311
Nissa's Chosen - Foil$1.451
Pistus Strike$0.175
Pistus Strike - Foil$0.474
Progenitus - Foil$43.382
Psychic Intrusion$0.894
Psychic Intrusion - Foil$1.422
Quagmire Druid$0.161
Rally the Peasants$0.194
Rally the Peasants - Foil$0.593
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