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Magic The Gathering Cards Drawn By Howard Lyon

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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Adventuring Gear$0.1611
Adventuring Gear - Foil$0.623
Amphin Cutthroat$0.1416
Amphin Cutthroat - Foil$0.434
Angel of Finality$1.796
Angel of Flight Alabaster$0.897
Anthousa, Setessan Hero$0.896
Anthousa, Setessan Hero - Foil$1.422
Aura Finesse$0.145
Back to Nature$0.296
Banishing Knack$0.1416
Banishing Knack - Foil$0.861
Basilisk Collar$10.196
Bear Umbra$4.194
Bear Umbra - Foil$11.993
Bojuka Bog$0.654
Boros Reckoner$4.404
Boros Reckoner - Foil$15.104
Centaur's Herald$0.144
Centaur's Herald - Foil$0.443
Cream of the Crop$0.895
Darklit Gargoyle$0.1415
Darklit Gargoyle - Foil$0.442
Death's Shadow$2.866
Death's Shadow - Foil$12.102
Drake Umbra$0.219
Drake Umbra - Foil$0.781
Dream Fracture$0.184
Dream Fracture - Foil$1.102
Dream Salvage$0.405
Dream Thief$0.1416
Dream Thief - Foil$0.431
Eel Umbra$0.164
Eland Umbra$0.236
Ethereal Whiskergill$0.195
Ethereal Whiskergill - Foil$0.484
Etherwrought Page$0.194
Etherwrought Page - Foil$1.091
Filigree Fracture$0.2010
Filigree Fracture - Foil$0.493
Fog Bank  
Ghastly Discovery$0.1416
Ghastly Discovery - Foil$0.434
Ghostly Possession$0.144
Goldenglow Moth$0.1812
Heroes' Reunion$0.214
Hyena Umbra$1.236
Idyllic Tutor$16.325
Lammastide Weave$0.195
Lammastide Weave - Foil$0.484
Magma Spray$0.149
Make a Wish$0.194
Make a Wish - Foil$0.744
Makindi Shieldmate$0.1416
Makindi Shieldmate - Foil$0.432
Mammoth Umbra$0.234
Mana Cylix$0.1712
Mana Cylix - Foil$0.502
Mana Leak$0.425
Mana Leak - Foil$7.192
Master of Etherium$7.194
Master of Etherium - Foil$14.391
Memory Erosion$1.841
Mind Sludge$0.198
Mind Sludge - Foil$0.634
Mirror-Mad Phantasm$2.991
Mirror-Mad Phantasm - Foil$4.781
Naturalize - Foil$0.702
Nimbus Swimmer$0.194
Orchard Spirit$0.144
Orchard Spirit - Foil$0.434
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