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Green Magic The Gathering Cards

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* All cards are Mint/NM and in English unless otherwise specified.
Abundant Growth$0.184
Accelerated Mutation$0.1416
Accelerated Mutation - Foil$0.435
Acid Web Spider$0.1910
Acid Web Spider - Foil$0.482
Acidic Slime  
Acorn Harvest$0.1516
Acorn Harvest - Foil$1.191
Adaptive Snapjaw$0.144
Adaptive Snapjaw - Foil$0.434
Advocate of the Beast$0.144
Advocate of the Beast - Foil$0.431
Aerial Predation$0.144
Aerial Predation - Foil$0.433
AEther Web$0.1613
AEther Web - Foil$0.603
Afiya Grove$0.895
Ageless Entity  
Agent of Horizons$0.144
Agent of Horizons - Foil$0.434
Aggressive Urge$0.1516
Aggressive Urge - Foil$0.443
Aisling Leprechaun$0.1916
Albino Troll$0.3210
Alive and Well$0.194
Alive and Well - Foil$0.664
All Suns' Dawn$0.894
All Suns' Dawn - Foil$7.193
Allosaurus Rider$0.917
Allosaurus Rider - Foil$3.891
Alluring Scent$1.223
Alpha Authority$0.304
Alpha Authority - Foil$1.112
Alpha Kavu$0.1810
Alpha Kavu - Foil$0.473
Alpha Status$1.125
Alpha Status - Foil$3.541
Alpha Tyrranax$0.1413
Alpha Tyrranax - Foil$0.434
Ambush Commander  
Ambush Viper$0.164
Ambush Viper - Foil$1.401
Amphibious Kavu$0.1516
Amphibious Kavu - Foil$0.442
An-Havva Constable$0.895
An-Havva Inn$0.1810
Ana Battlemage$0.2010
Ana Battlemage - Foil$0.512
Ana Disciple$0.1516
Ana Disciple - Foil$0.442
Ana Sanctuary$0.1810
Ana Sanctuary - Foil$0.681
Anavolver - Foil$2.671
Ancestral Mask$0.8116
Ancestral Mask - Foil$4.493
Ancient Ooze$0.895
Ancient Silverback$0.897
Ancient Silverback - Foil$1.421
Ancient Stirrings$0.485
Ancient Stirrings - Foil$10.082
Animal Magnetism$0.895
Animate Land$0.2110
Animate Land - Foil$0.992
Ant Queen$0.896
Ant Queen - Foil$1.942
Anthousa, Setessan Hero$0.896
Anthousa, Setessan Hero - Foil$1.422
Anurid Barkripper$0.1516
Anurid Barkripper - Foil$0.445
Anurid Scavenger$0.1910
Anurid Scavenger - Foil$0.503
Anurid Swarmsnapper$0.1910
Anurid Swarmsnapper - Foil$0.541
Apes of Rath$0.1810
Aquastrand Spider$0.1416
Aquastrand Spider - Foil$0.432
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